Chiropractic in Frankfurt

with Dr. Tabrizi & Dr. Chwalek

Mobility, flexibility and a pain-free musculoskeletal system are essential for an active and fulfilling life. But sometimes there are functional disorders that limit the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic is a medical discipline based on targeted manual techniques to diagnose and treat blockages in your musculoskeletal system. We use the special techniques to straighten out the – literal – sticking point, so you should be feeling better soon. Before we start chiropractic treatment in our private practice for orthopedics & traumatology in Frankfurt, there is a careful diagnosis and a detailed discussion with you.

Dr. Nader Tabrizi
Dr. med. Nader Tabrizi

Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Dr. Stefan Chwalek
Dr. med. Stefan Chwalek

Medical practitioner

A solid diagnosis forms the essential basis for a successful therapy. Therefore, we start the appointment in our practice in Frankfurt with a detailed conversation. The diagnosis prior to chiropractic treatment is carried out in several steps in order to obtain an accurate assessment of your condition. Our goal is to ensure that the treatment is appropriate and meets your individual needs.

First, we obtain information about your medical history. This involves current medical conditions, previous injuries, surgeries, basic medical conditions, medication use and other pertinent details. We ask you to describe your current symptoms in detail and show us the location of any pain or limitation. Furthermore, we are concerned with the intensity of your pain, its duration, and any triggers or amplifiers of your discomfort.

Now we perform a physical examination including posture analysis, pressure point palpation and mobility tests. In this way, we identify the affected areas and possible causes of your discomfort.

Depending on your needs and situation, we may use imaging techniques such as X-rays to obtain detailed images of the affected areas. These images can help identify structural problems such as vertebral misalignments or herniated discs and distinguish them from a blockage.

If it is clear to us that chiropractic is the appropriate approach in your case, we will explain all the following steps and answer all your questions about them.

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