During each visit, I provide a thorough discussion about causes, course (prevention?) and treatment options. This is in conjunction with a thorough physical examination. Only when a patient correctly understands their situation can they make a reasonable decision about their health.

Osteoarthritis Treatment


A “clean” diagnosis is important for successful therapy. In order to maintain this, a detailed medical examination, a thorough physical examination and purposeful diagnostics are required. From this, a concept for treatment is defined together.

Infiltrations peri- and intra-articular

Anti-inflammatory substances are used for painful overload or mis-loading syndromes as well as wear phenomena. These are usually injected into the affected joint or into the surrounding soft tissues (for example, joint capsules, band structures, bursa sacs, etc.).

Plated Rich Plasma Therapy (Autologous Blood Injections))

In the so-called self-blood therapy, certain corporeal blood cells (especially blood platelets) are injected into inflamed tissues or joints. The healing effect of rich plasma is due to the growth factors that are released from them and induce a wound healing reaction. Numerous studies have shown success in osteoarthritis or tendon inflammations.

Physical Therapy

In arthrotically modified joints, movement is very important in order to produce sufficient joint lubrication but also to stimulate the metabolism within the joint. The stronger the joint-stabilizing musculature is, the less the joint cartilage surface is subjected to pressure loads. The maintenance of optimal joint function with respect to the soft tissues (joint capsule, tendons, ligaments, etc.) is vital.

Aids (e.g. braces and orthotics)

Physiotherapie und physikalische Maßnahmen

Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der erfolgreichen Wirbelsäulenbehandlung besteht in der sinnvollen Durchführung von passiven und aktiven physiotherapeutischen Behandlungen. Erst hierdurch ist eine mittel- bis langfristige Stabilisierung der angestrebten Situation möglich. Ein individuell zusammengestelltes Programm wird für jeden Patienten gemeinsdam abgestimmt und gegebenenfalls auch im Verlauf angepasst.


The principle is based on a relaxing or stabilizing effect on the muscles or joints, depending on the technique and the material used. The effect in the muscles or joints is mediated via the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. Kinesio-Taping has been widely used in recent years, but has been used in orthopedics since the 1970s. It was developed by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kaser.


Body-specific pain-inhibiting systems are activated by needles in defined skin regions. The origin of this practice dates back to 200 years before Christ.