During each visit, I provide a thorough discussion about causes, course (prevention?) and treatment options. This is in conjunction with a thorough physical examination. Only when a patient correctly understands their situation can they make a reasonable decision about their health.



A “clean” diagnosis is important for successful therapy. In order to maintain this, a detailed medical examination, a thorough physical examination and purposeful diagnostics are required. From this, a concept for treatment is defined together.


A modern, high-resolution ultrasound device and a digital X-ray machine are available in practice for imaging procedures.

Wound Care

All wounds, which do not require hospital treatment on account of the extent and need for narcosis, can be supplied lege artis (sutures, bandages, etc.). These include e.g. bruises, cuts, tears or lacerations, etc. The exception to this rule are accidents at work. Thy must be handled by an “accident insurance physician” (German: “Durchgangsarzt”).

Bandage and Cast Therapy

Modern treatment methods are used and ensure a regular healing process for fractures, inflammation-induced immobilisation, post-operative aftercare or injuries.

Aids (e.g. braces and orthotics)

For many injuries, orthopedic devices are necessary to allow the damaged structures to heal or to allow sufficient stability and relief. Depending on the situation and necessity, medical devices can be prescribed. Their use and duration of use are determined together.