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Patients with calcareous shoulder often suffer from significant discomfort and limitations in the shoulder area. The pain is often intense and disruptive, limiting quality of life. In addition, the movement restrictions that occur are a common source of frustration. You can learn more about the treatment options for calcareous shoulder below.

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What is a calcareous shoulder?

It is also known as bursitis calcarea: the calcareous shoulder. This is a condition in which calcium deposits consisting of calcium salts form in the tendons of the shoulder.

These deposits can cause pain, restricted movement and inflammation. The pain often comes on suddenly and can be severe. They can get worse when you lift your arm or move it sideways. The limited movement makes it difficult to perform certain daily activities.

The exact cause of calcareous shoulder is not fully understood. However, influences such as repeated micro-injuries to the tendons, circulatory problems, metabolic disorders and degenerative changes in the tissue seem to play a role. Certain repetitive activities or stresses on the shoulder (such as lifting or overhead movements) may also be associated with the disease.

Kalkschulter Behandlung Frankfurt
Calcareous shoulder treatment: How we can help you

Treatment for calcareous shoulder can vary depending on the severity of symptoms and individual factors. It can initially be conservative, i.e., non-surgical. In our private practice for orthopedics and traumatology in Frankfurt, we offer the following measures:

Pain medication
We can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. These are usually tablets, but ointments or gels are also available.

In our practice in Frankfurt, we also offer corticosteroid injections. These help to reduce inflammation and pain in the shoulder. We inject the active ingredients directly into the affected area using a fine needle. This can provide relief, especially in acute cases.

Shock wave therapy
In this non-invasive treatment method, we direct high-energy sound waves at the affected area. This allows us to reduce inflammation in the shoulder and promote healing. You can learn more about this calcareous shoulder treatment option here: Shockwave Therapy Frankfurt

Kinesio taping
Kinesio taping is a method in which we stick special elastic tapes on your skin to support certain muscle groups and promote blood circulation. It should be seen as a complementary measure to conventional treatment. Kinesio taping can help relieve pain, improve mobility, and promote wellness – including calcareous shoulder.

Prescription of physical measures
Targeted exercises and physical therapy can help improve shoulder mobility and strength. In physical therapy, you will learn customized exercises and techniques that can relieve your discomfort and improve shoulder function.

When is surgery necessary to treat calcareous shoulder?

Surgery to treat calcareous shoulder is considered if conservative measures do not provide sufficient relief of your symptoms and the extent of your limitations is particularly pronounced. As a rule, this is done by arthroscopic removal of the calcium deposits (arthroscopy). Open surgery is also possible in some cases.

Typical indications for calcareous shoulder surgery may include:

Severe and persistent pain
If your pain continues to be severe and bothersome despite rest, medication, shock wave therapy and/or kinesio-taping, and physical therapy, surgery may be appropriate.

Impaired function and mobility
If calcareous shoulder significantly limits the mobility of your arm, it may be possible to restore function via surgery.

Size and location of calcium deposits
In some cases, large or awkwardly located calcifications can lead to an increased likelihood of surgery.

Treatment of calcareous shoulder in Frankfurt

You see: If you suffer from calcareous shoulder, this condition is by no means “hopeless”. There are various treatment options that we can use to combat your symptoms. After a thorough examination, we will work with you to create your individual treatment plan.

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